MLH microfibre wash mitts and sponges are a great partner to Mothers Car Wash and Wash n Wax.
Work from the top - down to ensure all dirt is removed.

Keep the sponge/mitt clean using a second bucket of clean water or rinse regularly to prevent scratches

Wash and Rinse
Stay in shade, it’s a more pleasant place to wash a vehicle.
Reducing the risk of water spotting and improving the polishing and waxing performance.
Run a slow flooding flow of water over all surfaces go encourage a sheeting action to remove all suds.

Rolling Care
Spray the appropriate wheel cleaner on a cool dry surface to ensure they shine as much as your paintwork.
Rinse off the cleaner thoroughly and dry with a soft MLH microfibre towel.

No more drags
The MLH Microfibre Super Absorber “floats” above the surface without the friction of traditional chamois on the paintwork and other areas of the vehicle.
The MLH Synthetic chamois is soft and absorbent, great for small areas and wiping away light moisture.

Wet or Dry, Turn up the shine
Using Mothers® Spray Wax on a wet, freshly washed car is a quick and easy way to turn up the shine. Just spray one section at a time covering area liberally, spread the instant detailer or spray wax around evenly with a fresh MLH microfibre towel, if using a spray wax let it dry to a haze and remove all promptly with another clean towel.

Withdrawing deposits
Oh no! Tweety Bird has left a little present on your hood! To remove it and other stubborn deposits, apply a concentrated amount of Mothers® Car Wash or Wash & Wax and water and let it soak before washing. Or use Mothers® California Gold® Instant Detailer to clean up the mess. (And next time, don’t park under a tree.

Smooth Move
If your paint is not a smooth as glass, you need a clay bar to remove the embedded contaminants.

Slide Slide
Spray the Mothers California Gold Instant Detailer onto the surface as a lubricant and slide the clay bar over the lubricated surface.

Fold and refresh
Keep the surface of the clay fresh from contaminants by folding any contaminants into the centre of the clay.

Now you have a completely fresh surface to polish and wax, which provides the outstanding results