Parking Sensors

Command Parking Systems have a range of sensor options for all standard passenger vehicles, tray back utes and light commercials.


Why sensors

So why buy sensors for your vehicle. There are a few main reasons for purchasing reversing sensors

Simple warnings – the sensor warning systems are easy to understand and does not need to be monitored while parking.

Price – sensors are generally cheaper to purchase and easier to install  than reversing screens and cameras making them a cost effective solution for vehicle safety.

Upgrading existing systems – some drivers prefer to have both a visual camera reversing system as well as an audible warning system


Benefits of sensors

Command Parking Systems sensor systems use a 21mm flush mount ultrasonic sensors that are manufactured to a very high standard.

Sensors project a 100 deg by 100 deg sensor angle meaning they can be mounted in any direction to make the installation process easy.


They feature also:

Large silicone retainers

Removal bezel

Fine thread waterproof connectors

And are fully paintable to allow them to be colour matched to any vehicle.


Cheaper sensor systems will have far less features and be manufactured to a lower standard causing false alarming and failure.




All Command car cameras have been designed to create a high quality image at affordable pricing.


They feature

IP 67-68 ratings

Excellent performance in low light

Mini din 4 pin connectors

Long pre grommeted initial cable lengths

Removable parking assistance lines

Reversible image for front mounting

Power harnesses that can be run permanently

RCA video cables with axillary cable for monitor triggering

And all required fitment hardware such as mounting screws and hole saws


Why cameras

Reversing cameras provide a clear image of when is behind your vehicle to assist in parking, connecting trailers or monitoring other arears of the vehicle when driving such as front or side.

Many cars are not provided with cameras as standard and aftermarket stereo head units often have the option for reverse camera inputs.

When creating a reversing system a custom camera and screen selection may be required depending on the mounting location of the camera.




Command Parking Systems offer a range of Car monitors to suit many vehicles and types of applications.


Why car monitor

Many new vehicles do not come with reversing aids as a standard feature and can be costly to add at pre delivery

Installing car monitors to your vehicle assists in safe parking by allowing the user to see exactly what is in front or behind their vehicle where it would otherwise be difficult.


Benefits of car monitor

Command Car monitors have been designed to provide a clear image of when is behind your vehicle to assist in parking, connecting trailers or monitoring other arears of the vehicle when driving such as front or side.

The range has been selected to be suitable for a range of different mounting applications so no matter what vehicle you may have Command Parking Systems have a complete reversing solution to suit.




Command Parking Systems also offer a range of heavy duty parking systems for applications that are more demanding.


Why a heavy duty system?

Often these systems are used for caravans, horse floats, motorhomes, light commercial, trucking fleet or mining applications. They offer multiple camera inputs and triggers, audio options, image rotation options and are suitable for a range of different voltages.


Benefits of a heavy-duty system

All of the command heavy duty range use large 4 pin connectors for camera connection which carry both camera power as well as video and audio signals.

While the monitors can be automatically activated by signals such as reverse, indicators, doors and others the cameras are powered independently and can be activated at any time by selecting the input on the monitor.